Where to Meet Singles in New Orleans

Where to Meet Singles in New Orleans

Where to Meet Singles in New Orleans

Singles in New Orleans – If you are looking for places where singles hang out and make new friends, New Orleans is an excellent city for you. The city is rich in historic attractions and cultural experiences, and these are great places to meet local singles. Here are some tips for finding the best places for meeting singles in New Orleans.

Olde Time Bar

If you’re looking for a fun place to meet singles in New Orleans, the Olde Time Bar may be just what you’re looking for. The atmosphere here is laid-back, and singles often come here for its live jazz, great drinks, and good food. The bar is open daily from 10 AM to 3 AM and is split between a pub and a parade. It has events on a regular basis, including drag shows and Throwback Tuesdays, which feature songs from the 80s and 90s. On the weekends, music videos are aired, too.

During the day, New Orleans has many options for singles. You can find a great local scene by strolling through the French Quarter or Treme neighborhoods. There are also several bars in the Bywater area, where you can get a great meal and some entertainment.


The Peychaud’s Singles Meet-Up is a trendy, laid-back place in New Orleans where singles can mingle without being uncomfortable. Located inside the famous Maison De Ville, this French-style bar has a warm and inviting atmosphere. The bar is also a neighborhood hangout, so you’ll likely see many locals there.

Singles in New Orleans

Singles in New Orleans

Peychaud’s is a French Quarter cocktail bar that’s famous for its Sazerac cocktail and the Nola. It’s a cozy place with beautiful courtyards and flowers. If you like drinks that are sweet and easy to drink, you’ll enjoy this spot.

Peychaud was a notable masonic figure. He held titles such as Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge and Worshipful Master of the Concorde Blue Lodge. He was also a successful pharmacist, and would host masonic drinks at his pharmacy.

Snake and Jake’s

Snake and Jake’s is a popular spot for singles from all over the country. The bar is known for stories told by locals and tourists. Whether you’re seeking a date or just a few drinks with friends, Snake and Jake’s has a great atmosphere and plenty of fun for singles.

The bar started with the concept of a $40 good night and soon grew in popularity. Other bars thought it was a joke. However, it has since gained national attention. In fact, the New York Times even included the bar in its travel guide! And though it may look like a trailer, Snake and Jake’s isn’t your typical dive bar.

The bar was originally called the Christmas Lounge. When the new owners bought it, they couldn’t think of a better name for the place, so they merged the names of the previous owners. As a result, the bar is now one of New Orleans’ deepest dives. In fact, Anthony Bourdain called it a “national treasure.”

French Truck Coffee

If you want to meet singles in New Orleans and are looking for a casual environment where you can get to know other people, then French Truck Coffee is a great place to start. The cafe has multiple locations around town and offers excellent coffee and sandwiches. Singles can take advantage of the many different seating options at the cafe to find the perfect person to chat with. The menu features the usual staples of a coffee shop and has reasonably priced prices. They also have a wide selection of gourmet coffee beans.

The Warehouse District is a popular area for hooking up. This place is a great place to find someone to share the night with. The venue has an indoor/outdoor area, a great live music venue, and TVs for local sports. There are few food options here, but the drinks are good and the beer selection is decent. The best part is that the place is pet-friendly.

Singles in New Orleans
Singles in New Orleans
Ochsner Fitness Center

If you’re looking for a fun and safe place to meet New Orleans singles, a gym is the ideal place to do so. The gym is run by a non-profit healthcare organization, making it safe and comfortable for singles. Unlike a bar or club, where the atmosphere can be competitive, intimidating, and attract armed women, a gym is a much safer and less intimidating setting.

You can also take part in group fitness classes at the Ochsner Fitness Center. The downtown location is located on the 13th floor of One Shell Square. They have a variety of classes to choose from each week, as well as specialized fitness equipment for each individual. They also offer nutritional consultations and personal training services.

Plenty of Fish

If you’re looking for a dating site in New Orleans, you may want to try Plenty of Fish. This dating website has a large number of members in New Orleans, and it has useful features that make it an excellent choice. For example, its Live feature allows you to chat with women in real time.

The New Orleans dating scene is diverse and fun. If you’re looking for someone special, New Orleans is the perfect place for you. There are many singles in the city, and dating sites like Plenty of Fish can make it easier to find someone special.


If you’re looking for a serious relationship, eHarmony may be the place to look. Their matchmaking process is scientific and allows users to find matches based on their values and character. Singles can search the database by location or by interests and then choose a match based on similar values.

eHarmony is owned by a psychologist who is also the founder of the website. He’s been featured on TV and on numerous radio shows, including Focus on the Family. However, one critic of the company, Jim Campbell of the Alliance Defense Fund, said it was dangerous to allow eHarmony to match individuals based on their sexual orientation.

eHarmony’s system is based on a questionnaire consisting of more than 200 items. This means that you’re a lot more likely to find someone with whom you’ll click with. The more similar you are, the more likely you’ll become compatible. There’s no denying that agreeableness is a good predictor of a successful marriage. In fact, eHarmony says its matchmaking system has already led to more than half a million successful relationships.

Singles in New Orleans